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Составила свою памятку по правилам чтения. Что-то скопипастила, что-то сама подсочинила. Делюсь.

1) a [ei] Jane has a plate and a cake.

2) a [æ] A fat cat sat on a mat and had a black rat.

3) i [ai] Mike likes to ride a bike.

4) i [i] Kim can swim with his little sister.

5) y [ai], [i] Bye and fly in the sky, teddy bear. My pretty baby.

6) e [i:] We can see Pete. He is Pete.

7) e [e] Ken is an elf. Ken can see seven beds and ten red hens, ten red dresses, my wet legs.

8) u [ju:]A cute pupil uses a computer

9) u [ʌ ] A puppy can jump and run. A drum is fun.

10) ea, ee [i:] Eat meat and sweets in a tree. The queen can read. Green peas, please. The team in jeans, please, read.

11) th [ð], th [θ] My mother thinks and my brother thinks that I am thin.

12) wh [w ] He has got three white teeth. When a white whale will be away? Why is it a white whale?

13) ng [ ŋ ] The strong king can sing a long song.

14) ck [k] The duck can crack and pack the clock.

15) ai, ay, ey [ei] Wait a train in the rain, than sail to Spain. Today is a Friday. I like to play with big grey Teddy.

16) oy [ɔɪ] A boy enjoys a toy.

17) ere, ear, are, [eə] Where is my Teddy bear? Look over there! A bear and a hare share a pear.

18) a+l+ согласная [ɔ:] The small ball always falls. The wall in the hall. Can I have a salt?

19) ir, er, ur [ɜ:] The girl in a shirt talks to her bird. The purple turtle can surf.

20) ow, ou [aʊ ] The cow and the mouse live in the brown house.

21) oa, ow [əʊ] The goat can float the boat. I don,t know about his coat.

22) ar [aː] The star is so far. Why is dog barking?

23) arr [ær] Carrie carried a big parrot and a carrot. My sister is going to marry.

24) a после w и qu [ɔ:] The warm clothes are [aː] in the wardrobe. We can meet at a quarter to six.

25) or, ore [ɔ:] There are four doors on the second floor.

26) о [əu] Don’t go home alone! The hotel is open. Who [hu] is Mr. Jones? I don’t know him! He is an old man with the big nose.

27) о [ɒ] Bob is a frog who [hu] likes to hop. A dog is in the pond. Tom has got a box and a fox. Molly has got a doll and a roll.

28) ou [Ʌ] My young cousin, welcome to the southern country!

29) oo перед k [u] Look in a cookery book.

30) oo перед звонкой согласной [u:] Choose this school. It’s cool! 

31) igh, ild, ind, ign, igh [ai] The light flight in the night. The kind child is all right.

32) kn [n] A kningt has a knife. Now I know you are knitting.

33) ire [aiǝ] I admire Ireland. Please, iron my tie, I’m so tired!

34) ure [juǝ] During my trip to Europe, I was curious.

Эх, завтра всех читать заставлю!
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